We continue our ambitious programme, which assumes the annual organisation of the two-day spring tournaments! As the nature begins to flourish and flowers are blooming, it’s a great idea to visit a beautiful city of Wrocław! Having finished your challenging competitions, you will have an opportunity to marvel the outstanding Japanese Garden located nearby!

Event organised by: Oleksandr Yeroshkin and Sveta Saltan.

Main referee: Oleksandr Yeroshkin


  • A class tournament
  • Rounds: 5
  • We play in MacMahon system, top-bar depends on participants` rating
  • Even games
  • Time: 1h + 30s byo-yomi
  • Rules - territorial, japanese, komi is 6,5 moku
  • We follow EGF tournament rules

15 minutes` delay is considered as surrender of a game (please inform us in case of any unexpected situation by calling at +48881475492)


  • registration before 15.02.2024 - 60 PLN
  • registration before 01.03.2024 - 65 PLN
  • later - 70 PLN
  • member of PSG - 10 PLN less
  • 10kyu players or weaker - 10 PLN less
  • 18kyu players or weaker - 20 PLN

Tournament’s awards are as follows:

  • 1st place - cup, diploma, material reward
  • 2nd place - medal, diploma, material reward
  • 3rd place - medal, diploma, material reward
  • the best player up to the 5kyu - material reward
  • the best player up to 10kyu - material reward
  • the best player up to the 17kyu - material reward
  • for the debut - a material reward


CAL Centrum Aktywności Lokalnej

Fryderyka Chopina 9A
Wrocław, Poland

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Close date



Byo-yomi / 60min + 3x30sec

Time Control

Japanese / 6.5 komi


McMahon / 5 rounds



Games setup