Additional information

⚠️ Polish players with a rank of 10 kyu and higher must be members of the Polish Go Association, according to the resolution adopted by the PSG Board.

👉 Since the tournament takes place in an office building, we need to know the list of participants, so online registration ends on April 18th. If you want to register after this date, you need to contact the organizers by phone at (+48662619361).

👉 Please inform us about accompanying persons so that we can provide them with access to the tournament venue.

👉 If you are coming by car, be sure to contact us to receive instructions regarding entry to the private underground parking.

☕ At the tournament, you will be able to enjoy delicious coffee from the espresso machine, tasty teas, and have breakfast with various types of cereal with milk 😋

📸 After the first round at 12:30, we will have a group photo on the 15th floor with an amazing panorama of Poznań! 🐐🥔

✅ Additionally, nearby there are shopping centers: Stary Browar, Półwiejska/Deptak, Avenida/Dworzec.

✅ You don't have to worry about shopping because there is a Żabka store next to the building 🐸

🍻 On Saturday, we invite you to join the integration at Pub Pomysł..

🚭 Smoking cigarettes is strictly prohibited on the premises of VLM headquarters. There is a designated smoking area for this purpose. More details on-site.