The Warsaw Go Club invites the capital's go players to the second season of the Warsaw Go League! After the great success of the first edition of our event, we are continuing the adventure of playing league games as part of our club meetings.

The aim of our initiative is to create an opportunity for our club members to play regular ranked games - reported to EGD. It is also an ideal opportunity for beginners to take their first steps in playing serious games with a time limit.

The Warsaw Go League referee is Paweł Kozioł (

Note! The Polish Go Association on 29.02.2024 passed a resolution that players 10 kyu (1050 GoR points) and stronger, representing Poland, may participate in ranking tournaments submitted to the EGD only if they are PSG members and pay their dues. Therefore, please settle your membership before the start of our event. Instructions for joining, along with the form, can be found at PSG. We also encourage you to read the aforementioned resolution.


The Warsaw Go League season is 5 rounds in the McMahon system, each lasting 2 weeks. Games are equal and played at a pace of 1h+3x30s byo-yomi. Games must be played "live" - preferably at a Thursday club meeting.

You are encouraged to read the full version of the rules.

Entry fee

The entry fee is 25 PLN. Payment can be made at one of the club meetings prior to the start of the season. Patrons of the Warsaw Go Club play for free.


Our mission is to reward players who learn and grow. Therefore, in the tournament, prizes are provided for maximum 5 players who have achieved 5 or 4 wins, starting from the lowest place on the final tournament list. In case there are not enough such players, we reserve the right to award the first three places.

Prizes may be books, lessons or discussion of the game by the teacher, provided the player has provided a record of the game.


  • 22.03 - 11.04 (3 weeks!) - Round I
  • 12.04 - 25.04 - Round II
  • 26.04 - 16.05 (3 weeks!) - Round III
  • 17.05 - 30.05 - Round IV
  • 31.05 - 13.06 - Round V



ul. Hoża 51
Warszawa, Poland

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Byo-yomi / 60min + 3x30sec

Time Control

Japanese / 6.5 komi


McMahon / 5 rounds





Games setup