Accompanying events

Lecture (Saturday 10:00)

A few words about this extraordinary character. It's worth going to listen. Felix Dueball came from Jastrowie, he was a committed cultural ambassador between East Asia and Germany. In the year of his death, he received the "Order of the Sacred Treasure" from the Japanese emperor for his contribution to culture. He described GO as "One of the greatest gifts East Asian culture can give us." In the 1920s and 1930s in Berlin, Felix Dueball gathered around him people who shared his thought.

Exhibition (available throughout the event)

Exhibition dedicated to Felix. A handful of memorabilia and photographs will bring us closer to this important figure for Jastrowie.

Workshops (Saturday 14:00)

For those unfamiliar with the rules of GO, there will be workshops on the game. The game, equipment and culture related to go will be briefly presented. The rules are not complicated at all. After a short instruction, everyone will be able to play their first games...

Tournament for beginners (immediately after the workshop)

Workshop participants will certainly be able to play their first go tournament in their lives. I cordially encourage you. Playing it is a lot of fun at every level.. :-) The rules of the game are extremely simple, and the game has an immeasurable depth that you can study for a lifetime.